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       Authorized Seafarers Agent

Belize is an IMO STCW White List country. Also, the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee has confirmed that in accordance with Regulation 1/8 of the STCW 1978 Convention, it has received the required evaluation which demonstrates that Belize is giving full and complete effect to the aforementioned Convention.

The procedures for the issuance of Endorsements by IMMARBE are based on equivalence, requiring evidence that the candidate hold an appropriate, recognized and valid certificate from a country that is on the IMO White List.

IMD has been authorized by IMMARBE for aiding the maritime community by providing the seafarers the following services

  • Seaman Books,
  • Marine Technicians Seaman Books,
  • Endorsements for rating and officers
  • Certificates of Competence
  • Upgradation
  • All mandatory STCW Training courses

The verification of the certifications issued under IMMARBE are easily verified on IMMARBE’s web page as follow

With a continuously thrive for excellence and improvement. Our organization promises to maintain a process of continuous improvement in order to achieve leadership in the field of marine education and certification.


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