The Company

Isthmus Marine
Documentation (IMD)

With more than 20 years of experience Isthmus Marine Documentation (IMD) is the leadership Flag State Inspection coordination Company with Head Office in Panama City. IMD, counts with a network of highly qualified Flag State Inspectors worldwide.

Flag State Inspections are mandatory to be performed annually to ensure Safety at Sea, Prevention of Human Injury or loss of Life, and avoiding of damage to the environment, in particular to the Marine Environment and to Property to each vessel as well as verifying the following:

  • Has on board all required valid certificates
  • Is properly manned and equipped for her intended trade
  • Has a crew with proper credentials and versed in the correct procedures during fire and boat drills
  • Complies with minimum national standards and/or with all IMO Conventions which the Flag is signatory of
  • Reflects acceptable conditions of safety in regards to all spaces and gear


IMD Coverage

Isthmus Marine Documentation (IMD) counts with trained and authorized inspectors strategically located in key ports for providing the Flag State Inspections effective and efficiently.

Our Goal:
Is to build not only a business, but a relationship based on tailored attention to our customer and offer them high standards of quality services in all their needs for inspections, documents and publications.

Other Surveys
IMD functions as an independent marine and cargo surveying company which is composed of a group of highly specialized independent surveyors with vast experience to satisfy the need of our clients in Panama and worldwide. We are committed to guide, protect and safeguard our client’s interest by proving our technical expertise.


  • On-hire / Off-hire Survey: Survey of vessels undertaken either before the vessel is delivered to a charter or after its delivery. The survey report includes a detailed description of vessel’s cargo spaces/ deck areas, structural condition, cargo space cleanliness, bunkers onboard, listing of vessel’s statutory certificates, securing equipment, amongst others. The purpose of the survey is to determine the extent of any damage, other than the wear and tear.
  • Pre-Purchase Vessel Conditions Survey/Inspection