Requirements to be Approved as a Flag State Inspector
Flag state inspector should have the following professional qualifications, wherever possible:

1. A Certificate issued under the relevant provisions of the STCW Convention, as amended, as:
1-1 Master, enabling that person to command a ship of 3,000 GT or more;
1-2 Chief engineer, enabling the person to command the machinery installed in a ship powered by main propulsion machinery of 3,000 KW or more.
1-3 Meet the provisions of the Radio Regulations or hold an appropriate Certificate related to GMDSS.

2. A university degree or diploma as a Naval Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Electrotechnical Engineer, Engineer whose Professional Education relates to the maritime industry.

  • Not less than five year service as an officer on board a Ship at sea, or in a capacity as naval architect, or as an engineer in the maritime field.

3 .A relevant university degree or diploma, must be augmented by completion of the IMO model courses:

3.1 Machinery
3.2 Electrical Installations
3.3 Fire Appliances and Provisions
3.4 Life-Saving Appliances
3.5 Hull
3.6 Navigation and has relevant sea- service of not less than six months, or a document to prove any experience or update knowledge in relation of the Maritime Industry or any Maritime Organization

4. Additional training courses:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas Ship Training
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Ships Training
  • ISM/ISPS Code Certificate
  • Chemical Ship Training
  • MLC Training Course
  • Statutory Surveys
  • MARPOL Annex VI
  • Class Surveys
5. Application form (Need to be requested by email).
6. Medical examination (Form shall be requested by email).
7. Copy of passport.